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Soil Grading Services

If your home or business suffers from soil that was never properly graded, Outdoor Independence LLC can fix that — and the bad effects it causes. Call (920) 944-2052 or request a free quote now. We serve Neenah, WI, and the surrounding areas.

Trustworthy Soil Grading Services in Neenah WI

Why Is Grading Important?

On a property, water should flow across the land to the gutters or streams for runoff. For water shedding to occur in a lawn, the soil must be properly graded during construction. When this does not occur, water may pool around your foundation or in other uneven low areas throughout your lawn.

Who Needs This Service?

  • New housing developments or an owner-built new home
  • New major outdoor projects including driveways, patios, and pools

The Grading Process

Here’s how it works:


The first step is to install new dirt to bring up grades to allow water to properly flow through the property. Water should not settle in puddles in your yard.


We use laser levels that are accurate to the 1/16th of an inch up to 500 feet away to achieve proper grades.


After we install the new topsoil, we level it off and then apply grass seed and fertilizer.


Finally, we install a straw blanket to ensure the necessary moisture content is met for the new grass seed to germinate.

Why Choose Us?

Flexible schedules

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Expert Soil Grading Services in Neenah WI

Additional Services

In addition to soil grading, we offer a full menu of services:

Enjoy Your Lawn

Prevent flooding on your property with soil grading services from Outdoor Independence. Enjoy your lawn without worrying every time it rains. Call (920) 944-2052 or request a free quote now. We serve Neenah, WI, and the surrounding areas including Menasha, Appleton, and Oshkosh, WI. For more information, see our who we are and FAQ pages.

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